Dairy Free Yoghurt

Enjoy the Taste of Dairy Free Yoghurt

Are you looking for plant based, dairy free options that can substitute adequately and taste just as creamy? 

Well look no further than HapiSoy's dairy free yoghurts that are made in Australia from mostly Australian grown legumes that are packed with essential vitamins and prebiotics for a vital and functioning human system.  

HapiSoy's yoghurts come in natural, blueberry, strawberry, passionfruit and chai flavours, and taste creamy even though they contain no coconut milk.


If you're enjoying a vegan or otherwise dairy free diet, you still deserve to enjoy the great benefits of cultured yoghurt. Containing live probiotics, you don't have to sacrifice flavour to have a diet that is 100% dairy free.


It's time you enjoyed the great taste of our dairy-free yoghurt today. Check our website to find our list of stockists where you can buy our products. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with HapiSoy.