Plant Based Yoghurt

Your Plant Based Diet Needs Plant Based Yoghurt

If you're enjoying a plant-based diet, you've probably been looking for a tasty vegan replacement for yoghurt?


Well, you're in luck! Introducing HapiSoy's yoghurts  that are 100% dairy free and pack that great yoghurt taste you've been yearning for.


Yoghurt is one of the most versatile and popular foods today. People enjoying a plant-based diet have been looking for ways to bring yoghurt back into their daily routine.  Ranked as one of the top foods beneficial to overall wellbeing, HapiSoy's yoghurt is full of prebiotics and probiotics to promote your digestive health. As a snack, it's a great alternative for less healthy desserts, and makes for a great breakfast when you want a nutritious start to the day that's quick and easy to prepare.  


Just because you have a plant-based diet, doesn't mean you need to go without all of the classic foods we've come to love and enjoy. Based in Melbourne, HapiSoy also makes plant-based sweetened condensed milk that adds the longed for delicious, creamy, sweet dimension to many beverages, desserts and baked goods.  Overall you don't have to sacrifice great taste to have a healthy diet that is better for the environment.


Visit our website today for a list of locations where you can buy our products. You can also reach out to us to find out more information about our dairy-free yoghurt and the other products we sell.