5 Reasons HapiSoy's Plant-based Yoghurts are GOOD FOR YOU

1. Probiotics

The live probiotics in yoghurt promote the growth of benefical microflora in the digestive tract. Research has shown that a balanced gut microbiome :

  1. supports the immune system;

  2. enhances digestive health; and

  3. lowers risk of metabolic diseases, i.e. obesity and diabetes

2. Prebiotics

The prebiotic fibre that comes from the soybeans, barley and legumes supports good digestive health.

3. Essential Macronutrients

HapiSoy’s plant yoghurts contain the 3 essential macronutrients that our body needs:

1. Good carbohydrates for energy. (These come from the yoghurt’s wholegrains and legumes.)

2. Good fats for energy storage. (Unlike coconut milk yoghurts which are high in saturated fats (15-25%), there is no trans fat and minimal saturated fats in HapiSoy’s plant yoghurt, which is good for minimising the risk of heart disease, stroke and obesity); and

3. Protein for the building of bones, muscle, skin, blood and cartilage. (The protein content of HapiSoy’s plant-based yoghurts is equivalent to most dairy-based yoghurts.)

4. Vitamin K2

HapiSoy's yoghurts involve a lengthy fermentation of soy that allows the probiotic bacteria to produce vitamin K2. This vitamin K2, menaquinone, stays in the body longer and performs many roles in the body along with Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium, i.e.

1. Helps maintain strong healthy bones;

2. Helps keep arteries flexible and youthful; and

3. Helps make sure the calcium in your bloodstream ends up in your bones and not in your arteries, heart valves and organs

Reason 5

MOST IMPORTANTLY, HapiSoy’s natural yoghurt tastes creamy and delicious. It is great when mixed with granola and fruits for a convenient and healthy high-energy breakfast.