Vegan Dairy Substitutes

What Can You Do With Vegan Dairy Substitutes

The uses of vegan dairy substitutes are practically endless. In addition to that, our dairy free sweetened condensed milk is great to use and all of your favourite recipes.
Non dairy sweetened condensed milk is one of the best vegan dairy substitutes. The uses for sweetened condensed soy milk include everything from making classic recipes all the way to savory dishes. Vegan sweetened condensed milk can be swapped out for traditional sweetened condensed milk in all of the recipes you enjoy. Not only can you make all of your favourite recipes, but you can also use dairy free sweetened condensed milk as a topping on baked goods and desserts.
Some vegan dairy substitutes are great to have on their own. Our dairy free yogurt is a perfect snack to have just by itself. Of course, you're free to add your favourite fruits, nuts, and other grains, we think it tastes great just on its own too. Our yogurt also makes a great vegan dairy substitute for cooking and baking applications. Yogurt is a great way to enrich the taste and texture of just about any baked dessert and make it just a little bit healthier.
Upgrade your recipes today with some vegan dairy substitutes. Check our website for a list of stores where you can buy our products or get in touch with us today for more information about our dairy free sweetened condensed milk.