Vegan Yoghurt

Enjoy Vegan Yoghurt Any Way You Like

Today there is a greater choice of vegan substitutes than ever seen before.  On supermarket shelves we see a proliferation of vegan meats, butters, cheeses, ice creams and yoghurts.  However not all vegan substitutes are healthy and can often be very high in sugar, sodium and saturated fats.

In terms of yoghurts, what makes HapiSoy's vegan yoghurts different from other vegan yoghurts is that it is made from Australian sourced barley wholegrains, non-GM soybeans and legumes.  No coconut milk is used.   

Therefore HapiSoy's yoghurts are lactose free and great for adults and children who are lactose intolerant.   Furthermore the yoghurt's wholegrains and legumes provide good carbohydrates for the body's energy needs and prebiotic fibre necessary for good digestive health.  Unlike coconut milk yoghurts which are high in saturated fats, HapiSoy's plant based yoghurt has minimal saturated fats and is suitable for people looking for a low calorie alternative or for reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.


HapiSoy's vegan yoghurts come in natural, blueberry, strawberry, passionfruit and chai flavours.  For a healthy high energy breakfast, mix natural yoghurt with granola, fresh fruits or oats to make a deliciously creamy bircher muesli.


If you're enjoying a vegan diet, then enjoy the great benefits of HapiSoy's pot set yoghurt. Containing live probiotics, you don't have to sacrifice flavour to have a diet that is 100% vegan.


It's time you enjoyed the great taste of our vegan yoghurt today. Check our website for recipe ideas and stock. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with HapiSoy.